Floods in South Rwenzori

First published 15th May 2013
Please pray for the Diocese of South Rwenzori:

Press release:Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese Appeals for Support after Devastating Floods

The Diocese of South Rwenzori was ravaged by flooding on 1st May 2013 after a long, heavy downpour of rain. Every river in the Diocese burst its banks and wrought destruction on roads, gardens, and homes.

Five people have been confirmed dead and 3,000 people have been displaced from their homes.

The hardest hit areas were Kilembe, Kasese Municipality, Maliba, Kyarumba, and Kisinga. Fifty buildings in Kilembe Valley and twenty buildings in Nyamwamba Zone of Kasese Town have been destroyed; five bridges in the Diocese have been washed away.

Bishop Jackson Nzerebende, Bishop of the Diocese of South Rwenzori, is appealing for support. There is an immediate need for food, tents, bedding, household items, water tanks, drugs, and three standby ambulances, he said.

Bishop Nzerebende further emphasized their long-term needs in three areas: (1) rebuilding infrastructure, (2) rebuilding homes, and (3) intensive rehabilitation of those affected by the floods. Our long-term needs, he said, are building materials, road construction materials, electrical poles and wires, rebuilding of five bridges, counselors, prayer, and an intensive rehabilitation programme.

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