Faith, Hope and ...Foodbanks?

First published 14th May 2013
With the number of foodbanks rising to cope with growing demand, we take a step back to ask what the root causes might be, and what is the role of the church in its ministry to stand alongside those in poverty.

The number of people falling below the standards of the day has doubled since 1983. Ruth Levitas, Professor of Sociology at Bristol University, says Foodbanks perform an essential but hopefully short-term role in society.

The job of a Foodbank is to put itself out of business - its role is to serve the community but also to get involved with political discussion as an advocate for those affected. But with a society leaning in greater numbers on this function, seeing exponential growth in the number of people fed by Foodbanks in the last five years is a real concern.

This is not an issue of charity, it's an issue of justice"

Professor Ruth Levitas

Professor Levitas goes on to say "The foodbanks are a practical local response, but it should be framed as restorative justice, not as a charity."

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