Mentors to support churches engaging with schools and colleges

First published 21st May 2019

Thirteen trained Inspire mentors are now available to support churches to explore the ways in which they might engage with, serve and support their local schools or colleges. This mentoring scheme was launched at the recent INSPIRE conference which focused on how we can be a blessing.

The mentors are beacons of effectiveness and good practice who are committed to encouraging others to feel confident, resourced and enthused about serving and showing God's love in schools and colleges.

I am inspired and comforted by the sensitive skills and expertise of our newly trained Church-School/College mentors. These are individuals from whom much real help can be drawn to grow your service to God in your local schools or colleges.

They have a wealth of ideas, but more than that will help you diagnose what you can start with in your context, with your gifts. I recommend them highly.

Katy Staples, Diocese of Bristol Schools Adviser

Mentors are available across the Diocese, to offer free advice, wisdom and support to help churches, church leaders and volunteer schools workers to shape the offer that churches can make to schools and colleges. They are equipped to offer a tailored service exploring the opportunities that are unique to each church and school.

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