Daphne Hardwick writes from Uganda ...

First published 13th October 2009
Crossing the line

I arrived here in West Ankole last Wednesday having crossed the Equator en route. I'm afraid I did the "touristy" thing and had a photo taken with my feet in each hemisphere.

Received a very warm welcome from those at the Mothers' Union Centre which is my home for the next three weeks.

Renewing friendship

On Independence Day (Friday) I met Edidah Mary (MU Provincial President) who took me to visit her home in the village. This involved a long drive on a very bumpy dirt road through a number of villages and banana plantations. We eventually arrived high in the mountains to the north of Bushyeni with spectacular views. It was good to renew our acquaintance as we had met in June when she was in the UK and I collected her from Swindon station and took her to her hosts near Malmesbury.

Praise, prayer and stepping outside of my comfort zone!

On Sunday I attended the English service in Bushenyi. Needless to say the singing was wonderfully uplifting, amazing harmonies and everyone so joyful. I was asked to give an address and although I was totally unprepared, God as usual came to the rescue and found some words to say which appeared to be appreciated. In the afternoon I was invited to join a prayer meeting at the local prison. This was a truly humbling experience as we were met by at least 100 Christian prisoners sitting on the floor of the 3 sided building about a further 100 were standing outside.

The meeting consisted of wonderful singing of gospel songs accompanied by a single drummer. I was asked again to speak and with the help of an interpreter was led to speak on Psalm 139. Having never expected to give unprepared addresses before this was indeed a learning experience which I will not forget.

With love from Uganda

Yesterday I met with Bishop Yona who sends his Christian greetings to everyone in Bristol.

God bless,


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