Sign up to the Church of England's Digital Charter

First published 4th July 2019

The Church of England is encouraging Christians and churches to sign up to its pledge to make social media and the web a more positive place.

The Digital Charter is a voluntary vow to think about how we, as Christians, respond to conversations online to help change someones newsfeed for the better.

Everyones engagement is different. Whether youre a member of clergy using Twitter or a churchgoer replying to the comments on a blog, we all have different views, histories and areas of interest that will affect how we perceive things, and our responses to those events. The comments we make can reach thousands and even millions of people both in this country and around the world very quickly.

However, there are a number of ways we can make the digital world as loving and generous as we would when speaking face to face:

  • Truth - we should hold ourselves to high ideals of checking that what we post online is fair and factual.
  • Kindness - we are all different and that makes the world an interesting place and at times a challenging one. Think the best of people, whether they share our views or are speaking against them and aim to be constructive in the way we engage.
  • Welcome - in the language we use and the way we interact. Its easy for Christians to speak in another language using words that those outside the Church might not relate to.
  • Inspiration - we are called to be witnesses of our faith and to use social media in a way that genuinely engages others.
  • Togetherness - we are one Church and other members of this Church are our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is crucial we treat those around us in this way.
  • Safeguarding - if you have any concerns about the wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults, please contact Adam Bond, Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser.
  • Agree to the Church's and Archbishops social media guidelines.

If you agree with the above, sign up to the pledge.

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