Best practice for developing young leaders

First published 17th July 2013

recent article in the Church Times highlighted some of the realities and challenges faced by church interns.

When we have limited financial resources, I wonder how can we give young leaders the opportunities to develop in ministry while honouring them fairly?

This flags up an issue that in my experience is all too often neglected by churches who offer internships and employ youth/childrens workers. I meet many people who are prepared to sacrifice so much for the privilege of serving God and the Church in this way, and churches need reminding about the responsibility and duty of care they provide - and this includes the financial package too!

No-one should be expected to live and cope in these conditions, and I hope that this article challenges churches to seriously think about and honour their young interns and paid staff.

Government website: Employment rights for interns

Read the intern article on the Church Times website

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