Ability Sunday 2018 - Celebrating Gifts

First published 7th August 2018

Churches are being invited to join together and mark out 9 September for Ability Sunday a special day in their community.

Ability Sunday is about running a day of inclusion and participation in your community, with special consideration for the needs of disabled people.

This year, the Ability Sunday theme will be More Than Welcome, exploring how to deepen relationships with disabled people and build a church where everyone belongs. Based on the idea of a journey, Ability Sunday will help your church go through three important stages, from a place of welcome, to inclusion, to participation.

Ability Sunday may be one of the practical ways in which you may choose to start this journey at your church.

A spokesperson for Livability, the charity behind Ability Sunday, said: "Churches and communities are richer when everyone is taking part. Ability Sunday is your church's opportunity to celebrate the God-given gifts of disabled people. 

"Without the participation of disabled people, we are depriving the church of the gifts God intended for the benefit of His church."

There is a downloadable pack from Livability which provides participating churches with resources to help them run the day: a theme and sermon outline; a drama sketch; example prayers; dates for ongoing training and ways to support the work of Livability

Further details and the resource pack can be found on the Livability website.

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