Response to the death of Daniel Pelka

First published 18th September 2013
Jeanette Plumb, Diocesan Safeguarding Officer, writes: "Daniel is another child who will take his place in the text books on safeguarding alongside Victoria Climbie, Peter Connelly and others.

"Please allow the story to challenge us all about our individual and corporate responsibility to every child who crosses the threshold of our churches, schools and community buildings. Lets grasp the sadness and anger that we may feel as we read the story and turn it into action by encouraging the safeguarding nominated people in our churches and listening to their advice and being prepared to report to them any concerns we have about a childs well being.

"One of the key learning points from Daniels death is that adults who knew him did not work closely enough together and did not share information about their concerns. This is a sharp reminder to us that we cannot and must not try to solve a safeguarding concern ourselves; we must pass it on."

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