Northern Uganda in the spotlight

First published 15th March 2012
In 2012 Five Talents is investing over 90,000 in a project in Northern Uganda designed to help Ugandans work their way out of poverty through small loans and business advice. Anthony McKernan from Five Talents UK writes:

The story of Northern Uganda is being highlighted again this week, following the highly viral Kony2012 video that received over 71 million views in the last week. This time, it is Christian microfinance charity Five Talents, who are launching their latest programme of micro-loans in the communities of Kitgum, previously traumatised by warlord Joseph Kony.

The award winning charity has been invited to open a branch in the area by the Anglican Bishop,  The Rt. Rev. Benjamin Ojwang, who was himself was abducted during more than twenty years of conflict.

Five Talents will provide business training and small loans to a number of existing savings groups.  Bishop Ojwang said Our communities are beginning to return to normal but we really need to see business growth and Five Talents will provide much needed training and access to capital.

Tom Sanderson, UK Director, said The situation in Northern Uganda is exactly what Five Talents was set up to do - to provide capacity and support for entrepreneurs in marginalised and post-conflict communities. While the world focuses on finding Joseph Kony we are focused on the people, funding enterprise and business training.


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