These pages are intended to help you to ensure your church buildings, worship, activities and congregations are as welcoming and inclusive as possible, for all in your local community, and in particular for people with disabilities.

We all want our churches to be places of welcome for all, and indeed we believe that church communities are only whole when they include everyone.

However, there may well be barriers, visible or invisible, keeping people away from our churches.

A good starting point is to undertake a disability access audit; looking at many aspects of your church building, worship and activities, to assess how inclusive they already are, and if there are ways that you could improve them. It cannot possibly consider every aspect and detail of the great variety of churches in the Diocese, but hopefully will encourage you to think about some areas that may not have occurred to you as significant for disability inclusion.

You are very welcome to work through the audit below but we encourage you to get in touch with Diocesan Disability Advisor, Alice Kemp, who is able to come and work through it with you.

Revd Alice Kemp
Disability Adviser

Phone: 0117 9060100

All churches have responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. This act encompasses all the requirements of its predecessor as well as introducing further duties in relation to disability discrimination.