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Details of the non-statutory guidance for RE is online here.

The Statement of Entitlement for RE in CE Schools is online here

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The following extract is taken from the most recent OFSTED Annual Report: The Annual Report of His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills 2022/23 

Religious education

RE in schools is generally of poor quality. Although it is a statutory subject, schools often consider RE as an afterthought. As a subject on the curriculum, it is under-valued. RE is a complex subject, and the lack of clarity and support from government makes schools’ job harder.

Some schools steer through these challenges well, but most do not. We found that:

  • many schools do not meet the statutory requirement to teach RE at all stages
  • pupils are rarely taught enough substance to prepare them to engage in a complex, multi-religious and multi-secular society (where religion and non-religion play different parts in different people’s lives)
  • too often, schools do not teach topics in the RE curriculum deeply enough for pupils to develop a substantial understanding of the subject matter
  • non-examined RE is typically not high quality.

All pupils should develop a broad and secure knowledge of the complexity of religious and non-religious traditions. It will take coordinated effort by stakeholders to improve the quality of RE in schools:

  • schools need high-quality professional development to teach RE well
  • curriculum publishers need to identify clearly what pupils will learn and when, building on knowledge over time, so that pupils develop a deep knowledge of the chosen religious and non-religious traditions
  • the government should provide clear expectations about RE provision in schools. Schools should follow these. Current non-statutory guidance for RE should be updated and include clear information for schools about the breadth and depth of the syllabus they are expected to teach.

National Plan for RE

Click on the image for a video explaining the proposed changes in the National Plan for RE.


Read more here: FINAL REPORT. Religion and Worldviews: the way forward. A national plan for RE | Commission on Religious Education

A National Content Standard for RE has also been published. Read more here: National Content Standard for RE Released – REC (

More information on Worldviews:


Nobody Stands Nowhere (

Further resources and ideas:

BBC Schools includes broadcast information, materials for each key stage and media including tours of sacred buildings.

The Culham Institute and its family of sites also come highly recommended. This includes REOnline (designed as a starting point for RE with teacher and student resources for all Key Stages), the Collective Worship Resource, the Story Keepers and a special site for clergy dealing with RE in schools

RE Today is another popular site.

Redland Education Centre provides free interactive RE lessons based on Bristol’s Agreed Syllabus. It works with primary and secondary schools, providing religious education in accordance with the ethos of the syllabus. 

Scripture Union and its family of sites specialise in Bible-based resources and are popular with both schools and churches in our area.

Schoolswork is an attractive, resource-rich, networking site packed with lesson and assembly plans. The ability to join free as a member and connect with other members who may be able to help you is one of this sites most popular features.

Other websites recommended by readers include: The Childrens SocietyChristian AidBible GatewayBarnabas In SchoolsDanielles Place of crafts and activities, Collective Worship, the National Association of Teachers of Religious EducationYFC Schools Resources and the media illustration site Wing Clips.

Home - TrueTube is a great site for clips and short videos to support teaching and learning. Home - RE:quest ( supports teaching and learning in RE.

A couple of example videos for starters Teenage Affluenza is a witty way into studying wealth and poverty, and Muslim Prayer No Excuse To Miss It is good for the study of Islamic prayer.

The Stapleford Centre has free resources to support the teaching of Christianity within RE and Collective Worship. All resources are produced by experts in their field and are practical, contemporary ways to get pupils thinking outside of the box.

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