If you’ve chosen a church wedding, we would love to help you create a service which is meaningful and personal to you.

Use the links below for information on how to get started with your wedding, to find churches near you and plan services. Resources that may help you in preparing for both the big day and your future together, as well as arranging an environmentally-friendly wedding or a wedding on a budget:

Church of England weddings website
Church House wedding books
Church of England Marriage Service


Frequently asked questions

Q/ What do Christians believe about marriage?

A/ Christians believe that marriage is a gift from God. In the marriage ceremony, a couple make a public declaration of lifelong commitment to love each other, come what may.

The Bible compares married love with the love Jesus has for his followers. He expressed his love by being prepared to sacrifice himself, even to die for the people he loved. This is amazing, unconditional love. Jesus never said ‘I love you, but …’.

In our marriage we can try to follow his model by loving each other in a self-sacrificial way, putting our partner’s needs before our own.

The marriage ceremony gives you a new legal status as husband and wife. Christians believe that marriage offers the right place for the fulfilment of our sexuality and a stable and secure environment for bringing up children.

Q/ I’m Church of England and he’s a Catholic. Does that matter?

A/ People of all denominations have a right to be married in their parish church (provided they have not been married before). So it doesn’t matter from the Church of England’s perspective.

Q/ Why do we need marriage preparation?

A/ You have probably invested a lot of time planning your wedding. The day is important but your marriage should last for the rest of your life. However much you think you know each other, you are still two separate individuals with different backgrounds, personalities, experiences, hopes and fears. Churches often offer an opportunity to talk through these issues, sometimes as a group with other couples.

Q/ What are the legal requirements?

A/ The normal preliminary to getting married in the Church of England is by banns.

If you are under the age of eighteen, you must have your parents’ consent to marry.

There are circumstances where some form of licence, such as a common licence or special licence, is more appropriate. Your priest or minister will discuss with you what you need to do.

There are special guidelines on church marriage if you have been divorced (See question above).

Q/ How much will it cost?

A/ The legal fees for a marriage cover the publication of the banns, the marriage service and a certificate of marriage. These fees are fixed centrally and can be found here..

These fees do not cover any extras you may wish to have for the service, such as a choir, organist, bell-ringers, special lighting, fees for video recording and so on. Check with your parish priest.