Transforming Church. Together.

The 'Transforming Church. Together' strategy invests in the way we work together; reimagining the way we form collaborative relationships, which bring more people to Christ and more sustainable culture change.

We are investing in this culture change in a number of ways:

  • Cultivating belonging in our communities by nurturing open, generous, creative, and brave partnerships with all our neighbours, and being more inclusive.
  • Introducing people to the powerful message of Jesus by releasing, empowering and equipping our leaders and parishes to reach out and spread the Good News.
  • Being recognised as a force for Gospel change by working within our communities to relieve hardship and amplify unheard voices.
  • Building an environmentally sustainable diocese by encouraging worshippers to hear the cry of the Earth and work with us towards net zero carbon emissions by 2030.
  • Securing the future of the Church by working with partners to generate funding, which maximises the impact of our transformation.

Where we are heading?

We want to understand what we do well, what we can change for the better and create a positive way forward together.

The heart of TC.T encourages us to follow Jesus, serve others and transform communities, through applying resources for mission in a local context. It is our hope that parishes and deaneries will work together on activities and projects that will have a transformative impact where they are.

Alongside investment from National Church, this transformational culture change relies on the vital and generous contributions from parishes, via Parish Share. This, alongside using reserves for work surrounding Net Zero, adds up to an ambitious mission programme.

TC.T will be phased so that it helps us flourish, whilst being aware of and building upon the good work we are already doing in God’s name.

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A prayer for our transformation

This prayer is suitable for people of all ages, can be used in any context and enables all voices to be heard. 

God of the Way, you call us to leave familiar places and to set out on new paths.

Enlarge our vision of your work in the communities we serve, speak to us through the people we encounter, and open our hearts to your love.

Give us courage and boldness to engage together in this time of prayer and discernment; and by your Holy, life-giving and creative Spirit, renew your church in prayer and service, and in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

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