Parish Share, stewardship
and finance

"We each give all that we can, so that we can all receive what we need."

2 Corinthians 8 and 9

This is what St Paul taught in the New Testament and what the early Church did. We need to recapture the principles demonstrated by the early Church.

Our vision is to help others connect with God as we connect more with our communities and with God ourselves. This is how the Church grows and how God’s Kingdom – his “big idea” – becomes a reality.

We want to be generous to others, because God is generous to us. We want to become a more generous Church.

Stewardship and generosity resources

Parish Share

Parish Giving Scheme ( NEW tool to support church giving)

How is the Diocese financed?

Fundraising and Trusts

Resources for Treasurers (including example Treasurer role description)

Thank you for Parish Share 2018