Exploring Christianity

Exploring Christianity

Exploring Christianity is a ten-week course to help you grow in discipleship, deepen your faith and explore the Bible. 

Do you ever wish you knew more about your faith? Have you ever wondered about how we got our Bible? Do you wish you could answer your neighbours' questions with more clarity? Do you feel you could be more active in the life of your church if you knew more? If so, this course is for you.

Next course dates: week beginning 20 January, on Tuesday (Swindon), Wednesday (Zoom) or Thursday (Bristol). Cost – £25; workbook provided. Contact Claire Eade at mindevadmin@bristoldiocese.org for more information.

There are six modules covering a breadth of areas from Old and New Testament to Christian Ethics, prayer, spirituality and more. Courses are held across the diocese, there are no age limitations and no previous experience is necessary. The course is for those interested in finding out more about the Christian faith, and also fulfils the first two years of training for those exploring licensed Lay Ministry. The course runs following the academic year.


Who is this course for?

All lay people, who want to explore faith, deepen their commitment and learn together with other interested students, whether or not they wish to pursue a calling to recognised official ministry. There are no age limitations and no previous experience is necessary. Come with an open mind, your experience and your background. The course can also form the first part of training for Licensed Lay Ministry.

How does the course work?

People meet week by week in a home or other venue. They share the possibility of handing in an assignment, compulsory for LLM candidates. Some students will want to attend the course without completing assignments. Each student receives a Study Guide at the beginning of the module. There is preparation in the Study Guide to be completed each week, reading and thinking, writing a sentence or two in a box, looking at pictures, maps etc. You should set aside an hour or two between tutorials to do this. During the tutorial, there will be a discussion of the work done at home. The tutor will also provide additional activities for the group to shape and guide their learning and understanding.

Where will the course be held?

Courses are based locally across the diocese. For more details of a course near you please contact the Exploring Christianity course administrator

How much does the course cost?

The cost of each module is £50, for students who do not complete the assignments, the cost is £25. Students are encouraged to buy the module book, which is generally in the region of £20 or less. It is not essential to buy the book. A limited bursary scheme for those students who experience financial hardship is available. Please contact the Exploring Christianity course administrator in confidence.

Module topics

There are six core modules to the course:

Spirituality and Prayer

Explores what is meant by spirituality and prayer.
Discovers and uses some of the rich traditions of the Christian faith.
Shares some of the resources in the life of prayer.

Exploring the Bible – New Testament

Explores parts of the New Testament.
Encourages reading of the New Testament in a communal way.
Explores how to study the New Testament.

Questions of Faith

Studies the history of Christian belief.
Enquires into difficult contemporary questions concerning faith.
Discovers the richness of Christian thinking.

Reshaping the Church

Studies the history of the Christian Church.
Enquires into some difficult contemporary questions concerning Church and culture.
Discovers the richness of some models of the Church.

Exploring the Bible – Old Testament

Gains an overview of the Old Testament story.
Discovers some of the different writing present in the Old Testament.
Grapples with the interpretation of texts from a far away time and culture.

Challenging Choices – Christian Ethics

Helps come to an understanding of the ethical principles implicit and explicit in the Bible.
Discovers how Christian ethics has responded to social change over time.
Discovers how Christian theological positions might be applied to emerging contemporary ethical dilemmas.