Worship and liturgy

This section of the website contains downloadable resources and links to support and assist worship.

Worship is a meeting between God and his people as individuals and together. The means of communication used in this meeting texts, actions, movement, silence, music is called liturgy, which comes from words meaning the work of the people our worship offering to God.

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Links and resources

The national Church of England website, containing downloadable resources for worship and details of printed publications

Liturgical content, guides and resources

Worship on the theme of mental health: a guide for the Church

The Transforming Worship website is a national Church of England site for obtaining and sharing worship resources

Visual Liturgy Live is the website for a computer software package that contains a database of prayers and texts for the church year, and templates for producing tailored services

An Anglican Liturgical Library contains liturgical texts from several Anglican provinces around the world

The Labarum Collection contains ready-to-print services for various occasions and times of year, from the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department

The Royal School of Church Music publishes ‘Sunday by Sunday’ quarterly, a liturgy planner for ministers and musicians; the web site has some downloadable resources for selected occasions

A website with a mission to envision, equip and encourage Christian leaders to build prevailing local churches

Metrical psalter

“The service should normally include a psalm or psalms”.

(Common Worship page 27 note 6)

This recommendation is widely ignored as being too difficult; Common Worship contains a psalter, but how many of us actually sing from it? The documents below form a metrical psalter; a resource to be mined in the same way as Common Worship or Visual Liturgy.

These are designed to be straightforward to use, to go to simple tunes, suitable for the smallest village or to be embroidered and developed both by large urban churches with choirs and those with groups or bands.

Please also be aware of the new Psalms and Psimilar website, which holds the latest downloads and resources, including updates to the documents linked below.

Preface (essential reading!)
Metrical Psalter 1
Metrical Psalter 2
Metrical Psalter 3
Metrical Psalter 4
Metrical Psalter 5
Metrical Psalter 6
Songs and Canticles
Table to help find psalms suitable for different occasions


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