Charities across the UK are spending lots of money and promoting legacies, and are being very successful. As a church, are we making sure that our parishioners are equally aware that they can leave money to their local church? There is a danger that legacies will be left to those charities with the biggest budgets who are able to put a legacy message in front of people often, yet as churches, we have a unique relationship with our congregation and a chance for them to leave a legacy that will be personally remembered and have a lasting impact on the congregation that they have been part of for so long. 

It can really put someone's mind at rest to know that they have written a will and said where they want their money to go, so we should be enthusiastic about telling legacy stories and giving church goers a chance to do something that may well give them comfort and joy at the end of their lives.

'How to...' guides 

Please view our how to guide on Legacies


The Church of England has produced fantastic resources to help you share a legacy message:


Church Legacy Website

www.churchlegacy.org.uk is aimed at individuals and helps guide them through the process of making a will and how to leave a legacy to their local church. It also offers information and downloadable resources for solicitors.

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