Opening to a Vision (The Grove's Strategic Visioning™ Model)

As agents of the mission of Christ, every place of worship and every church member has a mission to embody and to proclaim the Gospel to its community.

Each church expresses their identity as the people of God differently as they seek to partner with their unique call to bring transformation to their location and circumstances. Seeking God for where the church is going and its unique DNA is an exciting opportunity to open up to deeper engagement with God, the church community and those that it exists to serve.

The resources below give ideas about how to do this in your church:

Imagine our Church

This resource, based on the Great Commandment, invites church members to imagine what could be and what they dream their church could become and can be adapted to meet your context.

Use the Great Commandment Interview resource

Miracle question

Adapted from Solution Focused therapy, this is a technique used asking individuals to envision what their church life would be like if current problems no longer existed and it helps churches discover what they really want..

Discover what your Church really wants

Newspaper headlines/Grove Cover Story

This simply asks parishes to imagine the newspaper headlines they’d like to see about the church in 2/5/10 years' time, helping people envision a different and desired future. The Grove Cover Story details a process to do this, which can be adapted for church use.

Explore the Grove Cover Story

How to run a Church Vision day

This is a resource by John Truscott with practical exercises.

Learn how to run a vision day

Developing your Vision

This resource comes from the Church of England central team.

Use the Church of England resource 


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