Synod Elections 2021

This year, elections will be held for people to join both the Diocesan Synod and the General Synod

A synod is an assembly of elected representatives at either a local (diocesan) level or national (general) level. It includes both clergy and lay members. 

Anyone who attends church in the diocese can be nominated as a lay member and we are keen to receive nominations from as wide a range of people as possible. 

Nominations are now open for the Diocesan Synod, the decision-making and governance body for the Diocese of Bristol. Nominations close on 18 June. 

Nominations for the General Synod, the decision-making and governance body for the whole of the Church of England will open in July 2021, at which time we will share all the relevant information on this page. 


Standing for Diocesan Synod 

Come along to one of our Zoom sessions to find out more about standing for Diocesan Synod, and to ask any questions you may have.  To book, email

Tuesday 8 June: 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Wednesday 9 June: 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Should you stand for Diocesan Synod? 

We are looking for interested, engaged people from all different backgrounds and with varied experiences, who want to help us become a better diocese. Diocesan Synod members will assist the bishop in deciding our future direction by acting as a sounding board and forum for debate, and by giving higher-level approval.

We are looking for a leadership that is as diverse and varied as the communities we serve, to represent a wide variety of views and perspectives. 

Any church member over the age of 16 and on the electoral roll is eligible to stand for election, as well as all licensed clergy. Lay people do not already need to be a PCC or Deanery Synod member. In fact, no previous experience of or knowledge about being a synod member is necessary and there will be support and guidance for new members, and time and space for them to develop their understanding. 

As well as considering standing for election yourself, please do think about whether there is anyone in your church who you might encourage to stand. 

Our FAQs page aims to answer any questions you may have about standing for election, including how people are nominated.