Archbishop's Charge - Bristol 2019

Archbishops Charge

To Our well beloved in Christ, Vivienne Frances, now Bishop and Pastor of the Diocese of Bristol, Greeting.

I recall to you God's mission entrusted by Christ to His Church to proclaim God's Kingdom, to heal the sick and to make disciples of all nations. As the Crown Nominations Commission considered prayerfully and carefully the call of the new Bishop of Bristol to share the historic and eternal gospel with a changing world and to encourage all Christians in their witness so that more people become disciples of Jesus Christ, they discerned an especial sense of urgency around tasks and ministries which are among those I now set before you, to guide you as you prepare to take up your new office.

  • You are to broaden and deepen the discipleship of your Christian sisters and brothers so that they may grow in faith and holiness, grow in confidence and rejoice in diversity of church tradition and expression;
  • You are to share the gospel in your own witness and in encouragement of clergy and laity, attending to the wider dioceses approach to evangelism, enriching strategies and plans through theology and prayer;
  • You are to seek opportunities to reach out to children and young people, to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and to draw parishes and other worshipping groups into a sense of shared mission and ministry;
  • You are to seek creative ways of developing and funding new mission and ministry initiatives;
  • You are to build on the connections with community and civic leaders, especially in Bristol, and to be voice for the excluded and marginalised in the citys social transformation agenda;
  • You will pay especial attention to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, ensuring that the culture and practice of the Diocese of Bristol leads to a church that is safe, truthful and transparent; and
  • With your fellow bishops, you are to exercise collegial leadership of the Church of England enabling it in the witness and mission to which we are all called.

So may the Lord of heaven, who gives you the will to undertake these things, give you also the strength to perform them, and by his divine providence may his holy angels succour and defend you on earth; and may his Grace and Blessing be with you at all times. Amen


Justin Cantuar 25 June 2018

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