Giving Events24 Feb |  Giving Events

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Statement from the Bishop of Bristol and Dean of Bristol21 Feb |  Statement from the Bishop of Bristol and Dean of Bristol

A statement from the Bishop of Bristol and the Dean of Bristol in response to the debate at General Synod on the Bishops’ report following the shared conversations

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Could your church building raise more income for your ministry?20 Feb |  Could your church building raise more income for your ministry?

According to a new report from the Centre for Theology and Community (CTC), churches across the UK may be missing out on millions of pounds of potential income because church buildings are being left empty for most of the week. …

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Bristol Diocese to join Parish Giving Scheme20 Feb |  Bristol Diocese to join Parish Giving Scheme

In September, Bristol Diocese is joining this nationwide scheme to support church giving. We’ll be the 18th diocese to offer the scheme to churches, which helps solve the problem of static giving and reduces your church’s administrative burden. We will …

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Fight of the century – Global v National?13 Feb |  Fight of the century – Global v National?

Christianity’s global perspective and how we should respond respond to the rise of nationalism

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Whole Life Discipleship Workshops10 Feb |  Whole Life Discipleship Workshops

Whole-Life Discipleship for Churches New Programme of Workshops for Churches launching in September. Prioritising Making disciples Limited availability – sign up asap. How can a church grow as a community of people who help one another live out their whole …

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Engaging with Younger Generations Training Opportunities10 Feb |  Engaging with Younger Generations Training Opportunities

As part of the ‘Creating connections’ vision we have prioritised afresh Engaging with younger generations. A programme of fantastic training opportunities led by knowledgeable trainers has been put together for 2017 to help church leaders to engage with key subjects within this priority. /Find out …

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Thy Kingdom Come resources launched10 Feb |  Thy Kingdom Come resources launched

Thy Kingdom Come – 25 May to 4 June 2017 Join the global wave of prayer: Praying that people come to know Jesus Christ. The Archbishop of Canterbury is calling Christians to join a wave of prayer across the UK …

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Creating connections…where next?10 Feb |  Creating connections…where next?

How is your parish Making disciples, Growing leaders and Engaging with younger generations? Where are you discerning the move of the Holy Spirit and seeking to connect with your communities in mission? Mission Action Planning, by Mark Ireland and Mike Chew …

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Let’s Talk About … Dementia08 Feb |  Let’s Talk About … Dementia

There are some subjects we try not to talk about – one is dementia. All of us have occasional moments of thinking problems, lapses of memory, and problems with language. For some it is caused by dementia, a progressive condition …

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