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Awareness, Mystery and Value: Key Stage 2 Unit 9 How should we live and how can John Wesley inspire us?

johnwesleyThis series of approximately 7 lessons is intended to provide a set of learning activities in RE for a Year 5/6 class. It was written by Rev Dr Jacky Quarmby (Education Officer for John Wesley’s Chapel, Bristol) and Katy Staples (RE Adviser for Bristol SACRE).

The focus here is on the life of John Wesley, the 18th century preacher, who built the first Methodist Chapel in Bristol (John Wesley’s Chapel/the New Room in Broadmead). Supplementary questions include: What does it mean to be a good person? Why do people want to be good? How can we become a good person?

John Wesley preached in many different places throughout the region. You may wish to adapt the following ideas for lessons and a visit to suit your locality, rather than the New Room in Bristol.

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AMV KS2 Unit 9 John Wesley

This download contains links to supplementary worksheets on the Awareness, Mystery and Value website.

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