Worship and liturgy

This section of the website contains downloadable resources and links to support and assist worship.

Worship is a meeting between God and his people – as individuals and together. The means of communication used in this meeting – texts, actions, movement, silence, music – is called ‘liturgy’, which comes from words meaning ‘the work of the people’ – our worship offering to God.

Do contact the Ministry Team if the items or topics you are looking for are not here, if you are seeking training, or if you have material to share.

For further information you can contact members of the Worship and Liturgy Committee on the contact details below:  

Revd Preb Gill Behenna
Worship and Liturgy Committee Chairman
Email: gillbehenna@me.com
Phone: 07715707135

Revd Colin Lunt
Worship and Liturgy Committee Administrator
Email: colin@lunt.org.uk
Phone: 01454 775129