What is evangelism?

Evangelism is essentially what we are doing when we respond to the question, “How can we show others, wherever we are and whatever we are doing, that they are loved by God?”

As Archbishop Justin Welby says…

Making evangelism a priority is not simply a growth strategy, or a desperate attempt to fill empty churches. It is about faithfully and effectively witnessing to Jesus Christ, who is himself the principal agent of the good news. When the Church engages in evangelism imaginatively – through prayer, listening, proclaiming and responding – people become disciples of Jesus and churches grow.

There has been much talk in Church circles in on the subject of evangelism, which has thankfully helped it shake off many of its more negative connotations. And it seems most of us are agreed that evangelism is necessary for the future of the Church. As the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu put it, we need to “evangelise or fossilise”.

But how?

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