Victims and survivors of abuse

I am a survivor or victim of abuse: Where can I access support?

If you have experienced abuse, however recently or long ago, there are a range of organisations who will listen to you and offer you support.

A range of such contacts are listed below.

Whether you feel able to report the abuse or would rather access support and talk through the options first, we encourage you to speak with someone. That could be someone you already know, your ministry team if you are part of a church, or a person at one of the organisations listed below.

If you are still unsure you are welcome to contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team for advice.

Contacting the police

You can make a report to the police about abuse that you have experienced, we would especially encourage you to do this if there is any possibility that the person who harmed you may still be in a position to harm others. Police are contactable nationwide on Telephone: 101 or in an emergency 999.

What to do if you need to report abuse and are hearing impaired. We do not have facilities for text communication but can receive emails at