Thank you for giving generously in 2018

Here are some resources and links that we hope will help you to pass on thanks to your parish for their generous gifts in 2018. Their gifts go towards not only the work in your own parish, but also enable your parish's vital contribution to Parish Share.

For your church service

The Diocese of York have produced a selection of readings and prayers on thankfulness and generosity which they have kindly given us permission to use.

Two Stories to Share

In Acts 20:35 we read "The Lord Jesus himself said, 'There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.' These two lovely stories show the impact of Parish Share, and reflect the happiness of giving and receiving! You can share them in your church newsletter or read them out.

*NEW* How To Guide on Running on Annual Giving Review

This short document explains why an annual giving review is so important, points towards resources, and gives some ideas about how you can make this part of your annual church calendar.

Thank you for Parish Share powerpoint