Spiritual direction

Everyone benefits from having someone to talk to about their journey with God.

Spiritual Direction involves meeting with someone to share your thoughts and reflections about your Christian faith. A spiritual director will be someone skilled in listening, helping you reflect more deeply about your faith journey and helping you reflect on your relationship with God. Spiritual direction varies, but usually involves one to one meetings.

There are different ways of finding a spiritual director. It may be that you already know someone who you find helpful to talk with and who helps you to reflect. It might be that a third party could recommend somebody to you.

The Diocese of Bristol can also help you in finding a spiritual director.

We do this via the diocesan Advisor for Spirituality, Revd Lizzie Kesteven and the diocesan Advisor for Spiritual Direction, Revd Minty Hull.

Rev Minty Hull is also the Retreat Association’s local representative.

When somebody speaks with Lizzie and Minty, they have a conversation during which we try to find out what sort of direction and support you are looking for – is it actual spiritual direction or a different approach to spiritual support? If you decide together that spiritual direction is the best route, then Lizzie or Minty will help in trying to find an appropriate contact. If it is a different approach to spiritual support, they will try to point you to the appropriate diocesan contact.

Revd Lizzie Kesteven
Diocesan Advisor for Spirituality

Revd Minty Hull
Diocesan Advisor for Spiritual Direction

If you would like to know more about this type of support, please also contact our Ministerial Support Team.