There are 72 church schools in the Diocese of Bristol, serving over 15,000 children. The Education Department is committed to supporting these schools through its offer of high-quality training and consultancy to the wider educational community. 

On these pages of the website you will find support, guidance, lesson plans, and resources to help your school to flourish. 

The Education Landscape

The current national education agenda presents schools with challenges, risks and opportunities. However, the Diocese of Bristol is well placed to respond and assist all our schools effectively. Some schools are developing into academies whilst others are looking towards increased collaboration through shared services and best practice.

In 2012, the Diocese of Bristol's Board of Education formed its academies trust, the Diocese of Bristol's Academies Trust or DBAT.

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As well as supporting our current schools to respond well to the changing education landscape, we also bid for additional new schools when a Local Authority seeks extra provision, for example where the population is increasing rapidly. This provides us with a real opportunity to bring our church school ethos to new communities in our diocese. 

"Church schools stand at the centre of the Church's mission to the nation."

Rt Revd John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford