The Rich Pattern of Life

The Rich Pattern of Life is a six-session course which can be studied one-to-one or in a small group with older people, helping them to take stock of the past, encourage purposeful living in the present, and look towards the inevitable end of life with hope.

The purpose of this course is to help someone look back on their life and take stock of it, look at their life here today and embrace it in all its potential, and look forward to life after death in hope and trust. 

In the weekly sessions, it is important to encourage the person to express themselves – their memories, joys, pains, doubts, fears, hopes. Some will do this more easily than others. In accompanying the person, we should also be expressing our own thoughts and sharing our own experiences, so that neither of us is in some way ‘superior’ to the other but both walking side by side.

The course is designed primarily for those who have little or no experience of church. Many will have been to church as children but at some stage in their lives they have stopped going. Now they are becoming aware of their own mortality and questions of life and death are beginning to surface.