Parishes in vacancy

When a vicar leaves a parish or benefice, a time of “vacancy” follows which has proven to be a fruitful context for developmental work and change.

In the Diocese of Bristol, we have a standard vacancy process which begins with a PCC meeting attended by the Archdeacon and the Diocese of Bristol Transition Manager. The process involves a review of the parish/parishes and discussion about any underlying issues, hopes for the future, engagement with the 'Creating connections' vision and the skills needed by the next incumbent. Support is provided in the preparation of the documentation needed leading to a new appointment.

The Transition Manager, George Rendell, is there to support parishes who are going through the vacancy and appointment process. This work is overseen by the Transition Management Group, chaired by the Archdeacon, in collaboration with the Bishop’s Staff and Area Dean.


George Rendell
Transition Manager, for parishes in vacancy

Phone: 0117 9060100