Parish data

A range of data resources are available to help parishes explore some of the issues they might face around attendance, finance and their local communities. The aim of these resources is to support parishes towards mission and growth in their church context. 

Information for your parish can be downloaded via the Deanery links below:

Parish Spotlights

The Church of England’s Research and Statistics Unit have produced Parish Spotlights which contain a whole range of information about parishes – not just about congregations, but their local communities too. The Spotlights draw on census data to focus on issues like religious affiliation, general population, age and ethnicity profiles, households, deprivation, employment, schools and education levels.
(Please note these might not reflect recent pastoral rearrangements in parishes.)

Parish Dashboards

The Church of England’s Research and Statistics Unit provide annual data to parishes in the form of Parish Dashboards. These are emailed to parishes annually and draw upon data submitted via the parish annual Stats for Mission submissions.

Monitoring Attendance

We have produced an Excel Spreadsheet that could assist you with recording and monitoring attendance at services and support you to complete your Stats for Mission returns at the end of the year. You can download it here.