Changes to Gift Aid and Mobile Giving

    Encouraging generosity
    10 January 2019

    Gift Aid 

    The Chancellor has announced Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) changes increasing the limit to £30 to align with the contactless payment limit.

    The GASDS was introduced in April 2013 and allows charities to claim gift aid relief on small cash and contactless donations without Gift Aid declarations.

    The increase from £20 to £30 will be effective from 6 April 2019.

    Mobile Giving 

    The JustTextGivingService will cease in March 2019, so if your parish uses this service, you will need to find an alternative. 

    One low cost option is Thyngs which allows you to generate a QR code which people can easily scan and then pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay, credit card or paypal. Alternatively, Donr offers a similar service to JustTextGiving. Both of these have an admin charge of approximately 5% of donations, which is less than most other providers. 

    We are looking into other options and will update the website soon.