National Weekend of Invitation - who will you invite?

    Diocese of Bristol
    23 February 2018

    Christians are being urged to step beyond the 'fear barrier' with the first National Weekend of Invitation in June.

    An intiative of Back to Church Sunday pioneer Michael Harvey, the weekend - which runs from Friday 15 to Sunday 17 June - will see congregation members invite friends and family to church events.

    The Weekend is in response to what Michael calls "the churches' greatest missed opportunity'. He said research revealed up to three million people in the UK are open to an invitation - but the vast majority of Christians are too fearful to invite.

    To help churches respond, The National Weekend of Invitation has a preparation programme to help churches see the process of invitation as an opportunity to develop the faith and spiritual growth of its members.

    The date for the Weekend has been set to follow Thy Kingdom Come. Michael added: "This is an ideal way for churches to put their prayers into action.

    "The Weekend offers churches an opportunity to do something - big or small, for young or old, for a special group or for all. They may choose to invite people to something that's a regular activity, to a special guest event or a special guest service."

    Videos to use in preparation, along with other resources to download, are available from the National Weekend of Invitation website.