What are you doing for Good Money Week?

    Encouraging generosity
    5 October 2017
    Clare Fussell

    The 8th to 15th October is Good Money Week

    The focus this year is on encouraging churches to explore sustainable and ethical options when it comes to our banks, pensions, savings and investments so we can protect the environment and support society when we deposit and grow our money.

    We commend this stewardship initiative and encourage everyone to take a look at this infographic, possibly as part of a PCC discussion on your reserves and where they are invested.


    Take action!

    If you’d like to take action as a church during this week, we also commend:

    •  Christian Aid & Tearfund’s Big Church Switch, through which churches can easily switch to a clean energy provider, and also
    •  The Big Shift where churches can put pressure on our banks to move their investments into clean energy projects.