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    Encouraging generosity
    16 September 2016

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    Every parish will now have received information on the principles being used as a basis for Parish Share along with more detailed information about what this will look like for their parish.

    This included setting clear expectations of the commitment a parish may make in response to the three principles, based on the specific characteristics of the parish, along with information about how the money is used across the diocese.

    Parishes are now invited to make time for PCC discussions about their Parish Share commitment. Each parish or parish grouping will be asked to make a Parish Share commitment based on this approach by the end of October and are requested to remember these principles in their discussions.

    Parish Share seminars

    Thank you to everyone who attended the Parish Share seminars. There has been very positive feedback; comments include:

    "Very positive, well reasoned and challenging. The idea of working in partnership, and being generous is the right emphasis. It has encouraged me to look forward rather than dread the next PCC meeting where this will be discussed.”

    “Honest, clear and easy to understand. Questions were listened to and answered.”

    “Helped me to understand which factors have an effect on Parish Share and the mature support the DBF are planning to provide.”

    “I liked the positive approach which encourages Treasurers and PCC members to also be positive.”

    Personally it made me feel part of a family who are supporting each other.

    If you have been unable to attend a seminar or would like to hear the presentation again, you can listen to the talk recorded at the Parish Share seminar held in Shirehampton in September 2016



    You can download the Parish Share seminar Powerpoint presentation, including notes,



    There is a final seminar on Tuesday 11 October at St Michael’s Stoke Gifford to which anyone from a parishes that has not attended is invited. You can book to come on the

    Eventbrite page


    A new approach to Parish Share:

    take responsibility | be generous | have faith

    Parish Share is founded on the teaching and practice of the Early Church. We are all asked to take responsibility, be generous and have faith in the way we give.

    We give in Parish Share because:

    we want the Church to grow and God’s Kingdom to come

    we are called to take responsibility, be generous and have faith

    we are connected with each other and follow the example of the Early Church

    We are called to:

    Take responsibility

    We give to fund the share of ministry and support we receive.

    Be generousWe give to others across the Diocese because God is generous to us
    Have faithWe have faith that when we give God will provide all we need for His mission

    More information about the new approach to Parish Share can be found