Celebrating RE: Making May Matter

    21 March 2016

    Inviting you to “put on” an RE event and invite a SACRE member in to witness, share and celebrate your RE!

    This day provides an opportunity to raise the profile of RE:

    1. Within your own school – so colleagues are once again reminded of the vital importance of this subject within the curriculum.

    2. Within the wider community of parents, governors and other stakeholders so you communicate to those groups the worth of RE.

    3. Within the locality – so that your local SACRE members can celebrate RE in your school and you can invite the local media in to witness the positive contribution that RE makes to the education of your children/young people.

    4. We would also like you to do something positive within your school which is about RE and invite a member of your local SACRE in to see what your children/young people have done. You might also like to invite the local press to this event.

      It might be one of the following:

      A special themed day – on a Festival day for example.

        It might be that one year group is going on a trip to visit a place of worship.

        It might be that young people are leading an Assembly (or act of Collective worship) about some aspect of RE.

        It might be that your school is partaking in an interactive trail laid on by a local faith community.

        It could be that your children have been focusing on art and you could invite a SACRE member in to show and explain your Art exhibition to them.

        It could be you have a special visitor from a faith community visiting who the children are going to interview.

      Whatever kind of event you're running, please invite a member of SACRE into your school to celebrate RE during May (although we will accept April, June and July dates too if that helps!).

      Please complete the following application form below or email the details to Katy Staples at




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