An idea for children at Christmas

    From the Bishops
    12 December 2013
    Bishop Mike

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    I received by email an idea from a lady called Carol Teasdale which I thought was worthy of 'putting out there.'

    She suggests that over the Christmas season (until January 6th) children should be asked, in line with the Biblical narrative of the Three Wise Men, to bring a gift for the Christ Child.

    Her suggestion is that this could be an item of food which could be laid at the crib in your church and then be collected at some point and handed over to one of the local food banks. She thinks that children could be invited to be a wise man or woman for a day.

    I thought this was a good idea and fitted in with one of the themes we have been shining a light on this year with the 'Christmas starts with Christ' campaign.

    It strikes me (and Carol) that with very little effort and just a bit of local publicity, this would be a good way of teaching children to be giving people and would benefit those in dire need over the Christmas period.