Nick Adams

    22 June 2010

    Nick Adams was ordained deacon in July 2009 and priested in 2010. He is a curate in the East Bristol Partnership.

    God has a sense of humour. As a vicar's son, I have spent most of my life refuting any suggestion that I might “follow in my father's footsteps” (If I had a penny for every time I have been asked this question...) As a rebellious teenager with a passion for heavy metal and a healthy interest in the opposite sex,  a vocation to be vicar was the last thing on earth I would have contemplated. An internationally famous rock drummer - now that would have appealed!

    So how did I end up here, dressed in a frock? That question might take several hours and many beers to answer, but life is rarely straightforward. I am concious of God's ability to take life's twists and turns and make us into the kind of human beings He wants us to be. I and my wife, Helen look forward immensely to the challenges and blessings that lie ahead of us as I take up my title post within The East Bristol Partnership.

    One year on, Nick considers the joys and challenges of ordained ministry.

    There has been lots to celebrate in my first year in ordained ministry and I am greatly blessed by having a terrific training vicar in the Rev’d Keith Thomasson. However, I am equally struck by the huge task we have as Christians as we confront the harsher realities in front of us. Declining attendance at our churches and increasing marginalisation of the Christian faith in our communities make ministry vastly different from what it was fifty years ago.

    I am struck by how adaptable my ministry needs to be if it is going to bear fruit in the future. Being ordained a priest brings me closer to that responsibilty to "proclaim the gospel afresh to every generation."