Ministerial Development Review

MDR is an essential part of Common Tenure.

Aimed at helping ordained ministers to reflect on and grow in their role, the MDR process provides confidential feedback from those who experience their ministry first-hand, and seeks to encourage and develop them in ministry.

The MDR is a development tool designed to provide ordained ministers with a broad view of how their ministry is experienced and to clarify what they should be concentrating on. God has given us gifts for ministry – MDR is intended to stir them up and release them.

The MDR process is a two-year cycle. The first year (Year 1) consists of a Review meeting. The Review Meeting uses information provided by the ministers and six people nominated by them. Working with a trained Facilitator the Review meeting helps ministers to identify areas which would benefit from development and to clarify the aims and actions to be taken.

Ministers take these forward to work upon and are provided with support from the Adviser for Ministerial Support and his team. In the second year (Year 2) Ministers meet with a Bishop, Archdeacon or the Dean to reflect on their development.

MDR is administrated by the Ministry Development Team at the Diocesan Office.
Contact on 0117 906 0100, or by email:

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