Licensed Lay Ministry

As we reflect and pray we can gain a sense of vocation and calling. For some this will mean a journey towards ordained ministry - but this isn't for everyone, others sense they are called to serve in other ways. This could be using their gifts and skills to play the organ at church, offer hospitality or help with church finances. For some there is a clear call towards lay ministry. 

The Church of England licences Lay Ministers to work with ordained ministers to encourage the church and to ensure that the church is continually looking outwards and engaging with its community and the wider world. Could God be calling you to exercise one of these valuable ministries? If so, there are some resources below to get you started in your explorations.

Information evenings

If you are interested in either ordained or Licensed Lay Ministry, please talk first with your vicar or chaplain and then, if appropriate, come along to one of our information evenings to find out more. Please contact to find out when the next 'Am I called to be a Licensed Lay Minister' event is.

        For more information please contact:

Revd Chris Dobson    

Adviser for LLM Training 
(temporary post until January 2020) 

Phone: 0117 906 0100



For more information about Licensed Lay Ministry please contact:

Revd Becky Waring
Warden of Readers