Forms and guidance

Here you will find forms to help you in the administration of your parish and PCC.

Parish Officer Job Descriptions

Role Description – Churchwarden
Role Description – Secretary
Role Description – Treasurer

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Guidance for Churchwardens

Safeguarding Responsibilities: Churchwardens
Safeguarding Responsibilities: PCC Members

Parish Officer Forms

Nomination Forms
The Church Representation Rules regarding eligibility to serve changed during 2016, and so new forms should be downloaded for 2019 APCMs.

Please visit the Parish Resources website for the latest APCM nomination forms for Churchwardens and PCC members. These nomination forms contain a declaration for newly elected trustees, being: (i) confirmation of trustee eligibility (i.e. non-disqualification under charity law) for all trustees to sign; and (ii) a Fit and Proper Person declaration. You should receive this from all PCC members, including those who are ex-officio or serving following Synodical election. This can be done by using Trustee Eligibility and Fit and Proper Persons Declaration.

Electoral Roll Certificate
PCC Parish Officer Return

Clergy Forms

Sickness Self Certification Form

Template HR Policies

Absence Policy and Procedure template for parishes
Absence Management FAQ's for parishes
Adoption leave template for parishes
Annual Leave Policy template for parishes
Dignity at Work Policy template for parishes
Disciplinary Policy template for parishes
Flexible Working Policy and Procedure template for parishes
Grievance Policy  template for parishes
Maternity Policy template for parishes
Performance Improvement Policy template for parishes
Shared Parental Leave template for parishes
Special Leave Policy and Procedure template for parishes
Speaking Out Policy for template for parishes
Appeal Policy template for parishes