Families growing faith at home

This page will be updated with resources to support families, to worship and grow in faith during this time of distancing.

Dan Jones; Diocesan Youth and Children's Adviser, writes... [18 Mar 2020]

In my household we love going to church every Sunday for a number of reasons - enjoying fellowship with friends, my children love the children's groups they are a part of, I lead the worship and my wife leads the youth work too. If I’m being honest, there is a danger that, during this period whilst gathering together for worship is suspended, Sundays at home could drift into ‘screen time’, chores and watching Netflix.

I’m sure I’m not the only Christian parent thinking this. So each week I will be writing, distributing and using a thirty minute family worship and prayer time - for children aged from toddler to teenager.

Our family will be using this on Sunday mornings, so that we can sit around the table, or on the lounge floor and participate in worship, knowing that our friends and family will be doing likewise. Together we will reflect, learn, prayer and grow as a family, held in God's presence at this time.

If you would like to receive this resource, which will include links to other resources and ideas, either to use or to pass on to those in your church, by email me on daniel.jones@bristoldiocese.org
It will also be posted weekly to this webpage.