INSPIRE - Being a Blessing to Schools and Colleges

Start date
9 Mar 2019, 10 a.m.
End date
9 Mar 2019, 3 p.m.
Sheldon School, Hardenhuish Lane
Chippenham SN14 6HU

Aim of the day: to seek to inspire many people in churches with new ideas of how you might get involved by being a blessing and show the love of God in your local schools. It will also give you ideas that you have not yet thought of - ways for involvement and it may also invigorate some of the work you may already do.

Who is it for? It is for people who worship in any church who want new ideas for how you can make the love of God known to the children and young people in your area. It is for school staff who want new ideas of how they might seek further support and work in partnership with their local churches.

Who can come? This day is open to all and there will be part of the day that is open to children - this will include modelling activities that can be done with children in schools. So if you are a parent/carer or grandparent, you don’t need childcare – however a responsible adult will need to be alongside your children throughout the day.

We look forward to sharing this exciting day with you. Come and be inspired, come and have your life enriched by serving children near you.

For more information contact Ali Driver or click on the link below to book on.