How do I discern my calling?

What is God calling you to do with the gifts, skills and experience that he has placed into your hands today? We are all called to faithfully love God and love our neighbour, but each person is called to live this out in a unique way. To begin to discern what your particular call might be, start by answering the following questions:

  • What are the skills and gifts I most delight in using?
  • Where am I, physically, emotionally, relationally?
  • What does God need doing here and now that I would be good at doing?
  • What have other people affirmed me in?

For further resources for exploring your call and to find out about your SHAPE click here.

Often, its good to share this process of discernment with others.

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If you would like to chat further with someone, please contact the Adviser for Ministerial Vocation (DDO) the Rev Chris North for an initial conversation.

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