Bristol South Deanery linked with Mbale and North Mbale

Deanery Representative: Rev Gwyn Owen

Area Dean: Rev Nick Hay

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Bristol West Deanery linked with Nebbi, Kitgum and Northern Uganda

Deanery Representative: Mrs Alison Rowe

Area Dean: Rev Mat Ineson

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City Deanery linked with Central Buganda and West Buganda

Deanery Representative: Vacant

Area Dean: Rev Rod Symmons

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Chippenham Deanery linked with Mukono

Deanery Representatives: Mr Phil Townsend

Area Dean: Rev Sally Wheeler

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Kingswood and Gloucestershire Deanery linked with Ankole, West Ankole and Rwenzori

Deanery Representative: James Gardner

Area Dean: Rev Simon Jones

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North Wiltshire linked with Kigezi

Deanery Representative: Rev Shirley Danby

Area Dean: Rev Christopher Brian

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Swindon linked with Kampala and Luweero

Deanery Representative: Rev Sally Robertson

Acting Area Dean: Rev Clive Deverell

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