Be the Link – connecting churches with their local schools

Are you a church-visitor to a school? Do you have a heart for serving your local school? Introducing the new Diocesan initiative that aims to train, equip and officially commission ‘Be the Link’ school visitors…

Through regular visits to Church of England primary schools in the Diocese heads and staff have, in many instances, described how wonderfully supported they feel by their local churches. But in other contexts contact and support is minimal or even non-existent. Too often the incumbent is left solely responsible for establishing and building relationships with the local school.

With open doors, schools provide endless opportunities for people – lay and ordained – to support children’s and young people’s development as well as their families. There are people in church congregations who have a heart for serving their local school but, to date, they are undiscovered.

The Department for Children and Young People (DCYP) provides an extensive range of services, training and support to all those who work with children and young people in the Diocese of Bristol. ‘Be the Link’ is the new initiative from the Diocese which aims to find volunteers, unlock their gifts, train and equip them, and officially commission them as ‘Be the Link’ Diocesan school visitors. Schools are places where churches can build partnerships and ‘release the energy’.

If you are interested in exploring how you can serve your local school, please download the ‘Be the Link’ information booklet here which explains the scheme’s role and how it works. The booking form is also available to download. For further information please contact Youth and Children Adviser Dan Jones  by email ( or by telephone (0117 906 0100).