Bristol’s Bishops offer leadership development in Uganda

Over the second half of November, Bishop Mike and Bishop Lee will be offering leadership development to clergy and lay leaders in our link Province of Uganda as part of the Diocese’s commitment to developing spiritual leadership.

The Bishops will be the key note speakers at two conferences on the theme of “Developing Christ-like Leadership”. The conferences have been organised by our link dioceses in partnership with Revd Chris Dobson, our Ecumenical and Global Partnership Officer. The conferences have been made possible by funding from an external donor committed to leadership development both in our Diocese and in Uganda.

The first conference will be held in Fort Portal, a visit that will be tinged with sadness as Bishop Lee’s last visit was just a few weeks before the sudden death of Bishop Patrick Kyaligonza in a car accident.
The second conference will be held on the opposite side of the country in the town of Mbale. Participants have been invited from all our link dioceses – and representatives from other dioceses are also welcome.

Bishop Mike and Bishop Lee will be blogging their experiences from the conferences.

“It’s a privilege to be invited to teach on leadership in a Church that has such confidence in the Gospel and to leaders who have such a hunger to learn,” says Bishop Mike.

“I believe Christ-like leadership is critical to the health and maturity of a growing Church and I pray God has something to teach our brothers and sisters through us!”

The Bishops will be accompanied by Revd David Hart from the Bristol Methodist Circuit as well as Chris Dobson and Canon Stuart Taylor, former Pastoral Care Adviser in the Diocese.

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