2 thoughts on “Diocesan Synod approves difficult Budget

  1. I am grateful to Bill for taking this so seriously and commenting. What he may not have spotted are the numbers between lines 27 and 28 on the front page of the budget. These are reductions, as yet unidentified, in both departmental expenditure and in staff costs which will result in redundancies. In terms of Central Support this will mean that their overall budget will go down by 2.5% rather than up by 3.1%.
    There is nothing that we can do about National Church Responsibilities as these figures are given to us by Westminster.
    Bishop Mike’s letter about asking for additional pledges was sent to all PCCs, but it is also available on the website at http://www.bristol.anglican.org/wordpress/?p=3517, and we have assumed that PCCs will convey this information to their parishioners. Bill will appreciate that we are unable to communicate with all parishioners direct in any other way as we do not hold their addresses, and it would incur additional cost.

  2. I wish to congratulate David Stroud on the budget presented for 2011 but feel obliged to express my disappointment with the increases shown for Central Support and National Church Responsibilities. These are already very large commitments. There really should have been a few percentage points reduction in each in recognition of the financially straitened circumstances in which many parishioners find themselves. We all have to make adjustments, not just some of us.

    Also I am not comfortable with the situation where parishes are asked for an additional £200,000 for 2011, without supporting details. We need to be told the likely impact if parishioners don’t cough up. Facts are necessary.

    Neither do I like this being put solely to PCC’s for decision. A PCC cannot put its hand into the pocket of parishioners and thus is unable to enter into any such financial commitment without seeking the support of the body of the church. It is a simple matter of courtesy. We might all be happy to stump up a little more but we do like to be asked.