Diocesan Vision and Priorities

Vision and PrioritiesAs stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us, we believe we must not only pray but also plan for his Kingdom to come. We want to make decisions and provide support in the most fruitful way to advance the Church’s mission and growth.

Across our Diocese, parishes are connecting with God, connecting with each other and connecting with their communities in a huge variety of innovative ways.

Creating connections is our response to Jesus’ invitation to see his “big idea” of the Kingdom of God become a reality.

Creating connections: Vision and priorities for the Diocese of Bristol

How will you play your part in this vision for our diocese, which is part of God’s big idea? How do your parish plans for ministry and mission align to our wider diocesan vision and priorities?

Read about Creating connections, our vision and priorities for the Diocese of Bristol and start exploring what it could look like in your context.

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