16 Apr |  Bishop Mike’s Easter letter; ‘What if…?’

I heard recently about a genre of literature about which I had never heard before: “non-factual history”. A contradiction in terms, surely. Well apparently non-factual history is a speculative kind of writing that asks the question, “What if…?” For instance, …

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31 Mar |  Bishop Mike’s Diocesan Synod address

Start with what the Church believes and allow that to fashion how the Church behaves…

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24 Feb |  Bishop’s Letter: 10,000 voices – Here I am, send me…

Sitting in a cafe a few days ago with my daughter, Naomi we found ourselves sitting next to a man who was clearly on his own and very likely my sort of age. After a bit of banter about the …

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07 Feb |  Bishop’s Letter; Turning the Battleground back to a Playground

The scale of our commitment to education is itself distinctive and not widely appreciated…

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10 Jan |  Reaching a significant point

After a last dose of chemotherapy on Louise’s birthday (11 December) I technically completed my fourth and final Course on Christmas Day.  Very appropriate.  No more anti-sickness, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-cramp, anti-reflux pills, steroids or laxatives.  No more rattling!  I did …

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09 Jan |  No whiskers for Movember

It is a long time since the last update on my health challenge, and not because I have been too ill to write nor had little to share or reflect on.  The truth is that I have had lots of balls …

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06 Jan |  Everyone a witness

Bishop Mike explores what it means to live out our common calling as witnesses to the life of Christ – and what might be stopping us.

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12 Dec |  An idea for children at Christmas

I received by email an idea from a lady called Carol Teasdale which I thought was worthy of ‘putting out there.’ She suggests that over the Christmas season (until January 6th) children should be asked, in line with the Biblical …

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12 Nov |  Happy Who-mas?

When people believe that Christmas starts with Christ, the world gets better

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10 Nov |  Grief & Loss: Post Script

This article is an addendum to Bishop Lee’s letter on grief and loss found here → In the EHS Daily Office there were a number of reflections that stood out and to which I found myself frequently returning.  However, there …

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