01 Oct |  Let’s talk Jesus

I hope this research will open up conversations inside the church which will lead to more positive conversations with those outside.

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19 Sep |  Is this plan radical enough?

I understand people’s concerns. I have my own. I have said before that if I had an anxiety, it would be this: is our strategy radical enough?

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28 Aug |  Bishop’s Letter: Zero Tolerance

The starting point in all this is simple but requires your cooperation. Safeguarding is the responsibility of us all.

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14 Aug |  Assisted Suicide? – put the whole thing to death

There maybe some good reasons for changing the law to allow physician assisted suicide (PAS), but truthfully, none of them are good enough to make me think it would be a good idea to permit this change in the law. …

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14 Jul |  The health of our banks and the health of our souls

It may be over seven years since the global economy was rocked by the banking crisis but the aftershocks continue to raise questions around the financial industry. I listened recently to a business expert describing what went wrong at the …

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14 Jul |  The Vision

Jesus came with a message and a vision for the world. The message, the Good News, is that we can all be reconnected with God.

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28 Jun |  Bishop’s Letter: Cost Analysis

The temptation for the Church in any age is the temptation to worldliness; to rely on our own effort

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28 May |  Bishop’s Letter: Awe and Wonder

Awe ought to be a natural and expected dimension of Christian life and worship…

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16 May |  Bishop Mike’s Synod Address

We are a parochial church and inevitably have a tendency to think parochially; to not look beyond our own tribe or self-interest.

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28 Apr |  Bishop’s Letter: Protecting our children: the dark arts of negative influence…

My heart skipped a beat when I heard on the radio earlier today that 10% of 12-13 year old children fear that they may have an addiction to pornography

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